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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 10, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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memes. big news and big plans for amazon. the store that sells everything and made online shopping famous, what's next for them? and then two voter i.d. laws struck down by the courts less than a month until election day. what it means for the two states where that is happening. this is "way too early." we worked it out. hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday, october 10th. welcome to "way too early," the show that always carries two tens and two singles. did you see joe biden with the two tens? always need two singles too. you never know when you need to have lesser cash, tipping money. so we want to get straight to it. we have two federal courts that have vstruck down two voter i.d laws. late last night, they blocked wisconsin's voter i.d. law 6-3 after opponents said it would
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create chaos in large part because of the short time frame to implement the new guidelines. then in texas, a federal judge struck down that state's version of the law, dismissing it as unconstitutional and a poll tax. the judge in that case was an obama appointee and according to the huffington post, where there were no smoking guns showing intentional racism, the law would have heavy impact on minority voters. attorney general eric holder held the rulings in spite of recent setbacks to the voting rights act. meanwhile, a report from the government accountability office found states that enacted similar laws saw drops in election turnout. kansas and tennessee added laws and they each saw reductions by about 2%. a dallas deputy is waking up at home this morning after being hospitalized over ebola concerns. state health officials say that michael monig tested negative for the deadly virus, he was put
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in isolation after falling ill and visiting an urgent care center. the hospital who treated the first person to die in the u.s. from ebola is defending the treatment. officials say thomas eric duncan initially received a four-hour evaluation and underwent numerous tests and as the condition of the spanish nurse who was infected with ebola worsens, health care workers say they have not received proper training. speaking to the world bank, the director of the cdc compared the crisis to the aids epidemic. >> this is a fluid and heterogeneous epidemic. it is changing quickly. and it is going to be a long fight. i will say that in the 30 years i've been working in public health, the only thing like this has been aids. and we have to work now so that this is not the world's next aids. >> all right, so all eyes remaining on turkey this morning as kurdish forces struggle to keep islamic state militants from taking over. the syrian border city of
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kobani. the man leading the u.s. coalition efforts, john allen, is in turkey, to urge the country's military to get involved. turkey, however, is calling for a buffer zone between turkey and syria. and for the u.s. to establish a no fly zone. defense secretary chuck hagel says that neither option is on the table. isis is threatening to also take control of anbar province in western iraq. the area is home to a key dam and large supplies of army weaponry. and secretary of state john kerry is warning kobani could be one of several gains made by isis in the very near future. >> kobani is represents the evil of isis. but it is not the definition either of the strategy or of the full measure of what is happening with respect to isis. it is one town and there will be others, there will be conflicts with isil over the course of the next months. >> so back here at home, police are preparing for a weekend of
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protests in ferguson, missouri, to mark two months since a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. but heated protests over another police involved shooting are drawing comparisons in a nearby city. vigils turn violent in shaw, missouri, after an off duty white officer shot and killed a black teen. police clashed with hundreds of protesters who they say blocked traffic and damaged police cars. and video shows police pepper spraying some of the protesters. one officer was injured in all of this. officials say that vonderit myers jr. got into an altercation with an officer and fired three rounds first of the myers mom said he was trying to buy a sandwich with friends and was unarmed. the teen steen's uncle is speak out. >> they washed away the blood but they can't wash away what happened yesterday. we want peace. we want justice. we want the chaos to stop. we want people to stop killing
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our children. like i say, my nephew would never get to see me grow old and gray. i shouldn't have seen my nephew die before i did. >> thousands are expected to rally this weekend in ferguson to demand charges in brown's death. police say officers will work 12 hour shifts to prevent the violent protests that took place immediately after that shooting. more trouble for vikings running back adrian peterson. they're trying to revoke his bond and have him rearrested after allegedly admitting he smoked marijuana while out on bail. according to paperwork on file, peters peterson -- a trial has tentatively been set to begin on december 1st. his lawyers have been working aggressively to get this sped up so he can get back on the playing field. in the battle for the senate
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republican candidates are doing whatever they can to tie their opponents to president obama. and democrats are doing all they can to avoid it. >> thank you. i want to remind congressman garner that he's running against me, not barack obama, not my father, not harry reid. it is congressman garner and myself on the ballot this fall. >> i'm not sure he recognizes that he's not running against harry reid or barack obama. he's running against me. >> i have a lot of respect for you, but you're dead wrong. i am absolutely running against barack obama and harry reid. >> kentucky's democratic candidate allison lundergren grimes refused to answer who she voted for in the last two presidential elections. >> did you vote for president obama in 2008, 2012? >> this election isn't about the president. it is about -- >> i know, but -- >> making sure we put kentuckians back to work.
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>> did you vote for him? >> i was actually a delicate for hillary clinton. i think that -- >> so there are signs of trouble elsewhere for democrats. a new cnn research poll shows mark begich trails in alaska. the ceo of microsoft is apologizing for suggesting that women should just go along to get along instead of actually asking for a raise. his advice, it is not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. not asking for a raise, he added, he wrote is good karma that would help a boss realize the employee can be trust and should have more responsibility.
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his comments really caused an uproar online prompting microsoft to post a memo saying its ceo answered the question completely wrong and that he thinks, quote, men and women should get equal pay for equal work. one more thing, at that event we're told the crowd cheered when the interviewer who happened to be a female microsoft director said she disagreed and suggested women do their homework on salary information and practice asking for a raise with people they trust. that is a really wild one, huh? really wild one. what a week it has been on wall street. the market is looking to recover from its worst day of the year. on thursday, 24 hours after its recording its best numbers, look at that number, red arrows across the board, the dow plunging 335 points, wiping out the gains made on wednesday. the extreme ups and downs will likely pick up. cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us from london.
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did wall street shrug off the good news from wednesday and what a wild week this has been watching it go down and up and now that huge down yesterday. >> yeah, the two big down days so far this week have been based on all kinds of factors. most of the german data, remember, germany is the powerhouse of europe. hundreds of billions of dollars worth of exports every year. figures yesterday started coming off. and so many u.s. companies rely on europe for their revenues as well. they're worried about that. they're worried about ebola. they're worried about oil prices. that sent energy stocks going down as well. they were worried about what jimmy is saying compared with what the fed minutes said and that sent the market downs aggressively. european figures, oil price and gold and it looks like we may have another negative start to trading on the u.s. markets. one bright spot, though, apple up a little bit, up .2%. that's not bad.
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elsewhere, dairy queen, you any dairy queen, home of the pumpkin pie blizzard this month as well. they have been the latest retailer to say they have been affected by malware, by hackers as well. they got 395 stores that were affected by this between august and september. they're offering free identity repair service. not offering it at the moment free blizzard double fudge cookie dough blizzards to negate the problem. >> that's not a good pr move. that is not a good pr move. they need to offer those double fudgy thing ma bobs. >> or pumpkin pie. >> the pumpkin pie things. we hear about amazon opening up this brick and mortar store possibility. let's talk about this. it is more than a warehouse. we have seen the stories on the warehouse. they're amazing. >> it is jeff bezos, the boss, throwing something out here and seeing what happens. seeing what happens before christmas. one store in manhattan, they talked about seattle and other places previously.
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this is a mini warehouse for deliveries in the city, product exchanges and customers picking up orders they already placed. they'll wait and see on the success of it. it is a prechristmas trade as well and if it is successful as they hope, they probably will roll out a few more cities. >> brick and mortar comes before the drone deliveries from amazon. very interesting old school approach. steve, have a great weekend. we appreciate it. listen to this, the las vegas wedding business, bigger than ever this morning. jennifer, listen up. a legal challenge to this week's supreme court was cleared up on thursday, so last night nevada began issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples and to mark that occasion, las vegas has this full page ad in usa today with two men atop a wedding cake, the caption, you can now say i do to the one more thing right here. vegas just got a little more fabulous. for people looking to gamble and get a little drunk, and you're gay, go get married in vegas this weekend, you know? go have at it. we're approaching the holiday
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weekend. to some columbus day should be replaced. seattle city council voted to replace indigenous peoples day. the idea behind the change is to acknowledge the history of native americans who were here before columbus arrived. some italian-americans are arguing the change arguing that columbus day say way to celebrate their common heritage with the italian explorer. this brings us to our twitter question. should more cities consider this change for indigenous peoples day or is columbus day just fine the way it is, this holiday coming up on monday. tweet us your best answers using the #waytooearly. i thought this was fascinating. minneapolis did it first and now seattle seeing it. give us your thoughts. still ahead, how all four mlb playoff teams can be connected across the country, a visual explanation ahead that is awesome. speaking of baseball, tune in for more exclusive interview for the league's newly appointed
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ambassador of inclusion billy bean for his personal story about waiting to come out after retiring from the major leagues. >> i was not comfortable with the reality of my sexual orientation and i needed help with that, but i couldn't put the two lives together. and i think that once i -- sharing my story, the reason i walked away, i had a partner who passed away while i was on the padres, died in the emergency room at 7:00 a.m. in the morning and i had a 1:00 game that day that i played in. >> you won't believe his story. now mlb has his back. he never thought he would be back. he's a mentor and pioneer and he's leading the way to help other athletes in sports. it is cool. you're going to want to hear that. we have the cooler for you. a check on the weather with bill. and bill karins might have to wear the orioles baseball cap. what do you think? oh, yeah. yes. let's hear it for bill karins and the orioles baseball cap. yeah, yeah, yeah. we're back after this.
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traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company who knows that the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline. time now for sports. and the playoffs. they resume in major league baseball tonight with the baltimore orioles hosting the kansas city royals in game one. then on saturday, the san francisco giants visit the st. louis cardinals for game one of the nlcs. take a look at this, each of the four teams are located basically in a straight line across the country. look at this. i love this geography. you look at that. so with the playoff schedule,
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fans could drive to see home games in all four cities over a course of six days. get out your winning, folks, and just start driving. pack the kids up. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins. i have your uniform broken out here. >> the shirt. want me to put the hat on? >> if you would like to wear the hat. i don't want to dis royals fans, cards fans and giants fans, i don't have any of that gear, nor do i have any love for those teams, but -- >> uh-oh. >> don't you make me! >> that's not -- go put it next to the orioles hat. >> okay. >> be nice to that hat. >> okay. it's fine. >> i don't trust him one pit. >> let's get a check on your weather. >> that was just rude. all right. so the bottom line is they may not even get this game in tonight. >> you. >> i know. a protagonist?
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how do we define that? >> last day friday. >> last day friday. the rain will be moving in during the day in d.c. and baltimore. so for everyone coming home from work, you'll probably have the windshield wipers on. light rain, light rain that could start a baseball game, but the brighter yellows coming in 9:00, 10:00 to the area, that be would be enough to stop the game. a question if major league baseball would start the game. it will clear out by saturday afternoon in that area. new york city and southern new england by 5:00 p.m. so there is rain in this forecast, even because we have another baseball series taking place in st. louis on saturday and sunday, look at the forecast there. so mother nature is not going to cooperate too well with the baseball series. at least the beginning of them. friday forecast, rain in the middle of the country, that heads east. so -- >> yes, al roker, yes. >> is he available? >> i have a little issue going on down here. yes, yes, you can call security.
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thank you. bye-bye. i've got this all under control. yeah. it's all good. >> that royals hat felt pretty good on. >> i have them side by side. it is nice. and both teams are really fantastic. and we send our best to all of those fans. >> yes, go, os. bill, thank you. coming up, isis on the attack. what secretary of state john kerry is warning about the militant group's threat. and like a boss, the story behind the oh so cool pic of the vp, but it is missing a good meme. so we got a good idea for a caption here. tweet us using the #waytooearly. i don't think these are running jeans. i learned that trying to tackle bill karins. these are not the runners i should be wearing to go after a kc fan.
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welcome back. time for the cooler. joe biden may not be the boss, but he looks like one in this picture eating ice cream, sporting aviators and flashing two crisp ten dollar bills. the picture was taken during a campaign event for senator jeff murkily in portland this weekend. here is the question. who did it best? the president or the veep? i don't know. i think the sunglasses and the cash might kind of, you know, gives it the edge. jen says it gives edge. kind of brings it up two notches. and now to our friends over at
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the tonight show with jimmy fallon, launching a worldwide trending hash tag this week and getting results. >> since a man this week attempted to run from florida to bermuda in a plastic bubble, it had to be rescued by the coast guard, i went on twitter and started a hash tag called that was stupid. and i actually -- tweeted a dumb, funny or embarrassing thing that you or someone else did. christina honen. i said i love you at the end of a conference wall. rebecca says one time someone told me they had the same name as me and i asked what theirs was. this one is from anna marie, i heard a tornado warn on my tv, freaked out before i realized it was a show i recorded two weeks
2:55 am
ago. this one from lisa, she says at our wedding reception, i introtrintr introduced my new husband as my first husband. see how it goes. so far, so good. >> technically right. >> that's true. this is the first. let's get your responses to our twitter question this morning. earlier in the show we asked you, should more cities consider the change to indigenous people's day or columbus day being just the way it is because of seattle and minneapolis both have done this ahead of october 13th being columbus day. our producer has some of the responses. what are people saying? >> everyone seems to think it is a good idea. indigenous day sounds like a much better idea. and then john twetets, it is jut an excuse to have a big sale on mattresses. >> good point. thank you. be sure to tune into msnbc this evening. we have been talking about it a lot this week. tonight is the night for the 2014 alma awards here, 10:00 p.m. eastern. hosted by eva longoria and mario
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okay, so let's get a check on the day ahead before we toss it over to "morning joe." we're learning who the winners of are of this year's nobel peace prize. not a surprise there on the left of your screen, 17-year-old malala yousufzai from pakistan and indian children rights activist, and then kailas kailash tstyarthi, fighting against children being repressed and making sure all kids are educated. two years ago, the taliban shot malala in the head an she was advocating for girls to receive proper education. she is the youngest winner ever of the nobel peace prize. congratulations to them. today, north korea's supreme leader was a no show for a key political event that everyone was watching for any clue of his current condition. the dictator hasn't been seen in
3:00 am
public for over a month. that's going to do it for "way too early." first, real fast, we have to say good-bye to our john tower. show a shot of john tower. don't hide, don't hide, john tower. we celebrate john tower who has been a long time member of the "way too early" family who is taking off for a new position elsewhere. do you have anything to say? >> i would. no. they actually fired me. >> oh. wa-wa. no, you're on to great things. we love you john tower. more surprises to come four but i don't want to give them away. okay. big surprise. "morning joe" starts right now. are . we're vigilante in loo


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